My terrorist lover

Video installation (flying carpet, screen and silk)

Single channel. Color. Sound.

25' 15''


The video My Terrorist Lover (2017) was created after her experience in Tindouf, where she had a love affair with a refugee Algerian artist. After her return to Barcelona, she confronted the racism of her loved ones, responding to them sarcastically and humorously by conducting a fake investigation on her lover that would prove he was not a terrorist.

Incorporating cultural references from Andalusia and the Arab world, she

questioned the concept of terrorism, going so far as to consider “State Terrorism”, with

a particular reference to the central Spanish government and its violent suppression

of peaceful protests as well as its questionable police use during the 2017 struggle for

Catalan independence. The artist’s work, which is often ironic, creates a mise en abyme

around each individual’s personal role in politics.

Watch the video here.