This project arises from our questions in common as a fluid collective. Questions  around decolonization of knowledge, the institutions that surround it and the different means of discipline. The relationships that take place between spaces, bodies and objects are employed as research tools, at the same time that they represent a territory from action to thought.  


We propose different sessions in which we work with diverse artistic practices from dance to drawing, through sculpture or performance, focusing on the plasticity offered by the materials and how this allows us to broaden the possibilities of our discourse. Working collectively is one of our principal aims, opening up the sessions to either observers or more proactive participants. Collaborations with groups and institutions will allow us to establish

connections between institutions and people, enhancing community building.

The fact that María Alcaide comes from the field of artistic practice and Juliana Guerrero from theoretical practice (artistic research) generates a choreography of confrontation-approach that questions the limits between the two fields. We believe that when the boundaries between 'theory' and 'practice' are blurred, the possibility of thinking with the body emerges.

‘Poner el cuerpo:choreographic thought and dynamiteis a research project that has a phase open to the public and another phase that takes place in private. The public phase consists of 7 sessions in which we work with different institutions, groups and professionals. The objective of these sessions is exchange, promoting a collaboration that is fruitful for both parties in terms of artistic research. The process is cumulative. This means that materials - traces - will be generated that will serve us during the development of subsequent sessions and will form part of a final publication.

The publication, whose format is extendable and transportable, can be acquired here. It was developed between December 2017 and March 2018 in ‘La Escocesa’, Barcelona, thanks to a Research and Experimentation grant, in collaboration with ‘Sala Beckett’ and the Art and Design Research MA (EINA).

Sesión #0

Sesión #2