Dispositivo #1


Bed, grass, drawing material, internet connection


‘Dispositivo precario #1’ (Precarious device #1):


Project carried out in ‘FAR 2016’, I Forum of Relation Art, Villafranca, Córdoba.

The precarious device #1 emerges from the need of creating a device that could be activated by the assistants to the forum, in a way that its multiplicity and versatility will turn it into a mutable and living piece.

Here, the bed goes from being a relaxing and intimate place to a public work place, which does not only link you to the exterior world through a camera, speakers and a computer with internet 24 hours, but also connects you to others, with the environment. After all, this device had the purpose of making visible not only physical relationships that took place in the forum, but also those that happen on the internet.